ARLINGTON, Texas – The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association has selected Podium as its newest Bronze-level National Corporate Partner.

“Being able to manage customer feedback is vital to protecting a dealer’s reputation and growing a loyal customer base."

Podium, an interaction management platform in the auto service industry, works with more than 40,000 businesses worldwide, including 5,000 dealerships in the United States and Canada.

In partnering with NIADA, Podium’s platform aims to help the association’s 16,000 independent auto dealer members modernize their communication channels to gather reviews, message customers, gather feedback and more. The platform collects and manages business reviews and messages in one central, easy-to-use inbox.

“Being able to manage customer feedback is vital to protecting a dealer’s reputation and growing a loyal customer base,” NIADA director of business development James Gibson said.

“By offering text-based interactions to customers, not only can dealers turn online searchers into car sales, they’ll be able to ensure their online reputation reflects the positive modern buying experience customers have come to expect.”

The partnership represents Podium’s commitment to supporting independent auto dealers across the United States and offers association members access to interaction management tools, including reviews, messaging and more, for preferred NIADA pricing.

Dealerships will be able to seamlessly connect with customers who have recently visited the dealership’s site or made an in-person purchase. With Podium’s Review and Feedback tools, dealers will be able to automatically invite customers to leave a review via text or the messaging app of their choice.

Research shows fast and easy to complete review requests are ideal and result in more accurate feedback. This integration will save dealerships time as well as increase the number and quality of their online reviews on Google, Facebook, DealerRater and other key sites.

“NIADA has been the leading force in providing solutions for independent dealerships in the US auto industry,” Podium senior vice president of sales Cameron Hale said. “That was a key factor in Podium choosing NIADA as a close corporate partner.

“Joining NIADA’s drive to provide solutions for its dealers with Podium’s powerful online review and two-way messaging products will supercharge NIADA members’ competitive advantage in bringing in new customers and keeping them for their lifetime."

By conveniently facilitating millions of customer interactions, such as driving customer-generated online reviews and providing improved customer messaging tools, Podium serves more than 40,000 local businesses to create more than 16 million interactions with its customers per month.

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