SARASOTA, Fla. – ​​​Dealers United has tapped into the power of social media advertising to increase sales for auto dealers across the country. Dealers United’s innovative advertising solutions have been built in line with Facebook Automotive’s best practices to help dealerships solve real business challenges using Facebook and Instagram.

By delivering powerful ad technology and strategies directly into their hands, we give our Dealer-Partners the tools to influence auto shoppers throughout the Auto Buyer Journey.

Dealers United is a Facebook Marketing Partner, which is Facebook's recognition of agencies that have been vetted for excellence in their industry and have had a proven record of success on their platform. This badge gives Dealers United’s clients elevated technical support, invites to the latest alpha and beta tests, and a first look at the newest product releases to stay ahead of the competition. 

The agency's advertising solutions offer proven strategies to help auto dealers reach their target audience on Facebook and Instagram. Their packages include hundreds of engaging ads promoting top new vehicle models, as well as custom ads to help dealers saturate their market with service, branding, and community ads. Dealers United also offers inventory ads that turn a dealership's live inventory into ads targeted to local in-market car shoppers. 

Dealers United has leveraged Facebook Automotive’s best practices to define the Auto Buyer Journey and how Facebook ads can play a part in each stage. By closely monitoring shopper behavior, adjusting messaging to fit each individual, and then advertising within proven time windows, this auto-specific strategy maximizes dealer's ad spend and results. 

"By delivering powerful ad technology and strategies directly into their hands, we give our Dealer-Partners the tools to influence auto shoppers throughout the Auto Buyer Journey, beginning with diversifying their brand from their competition 30 days before purchase to building customers for life," said Pete Petersen, Dealers United's CEO.

Dealers United's solutions help dealers generate their first-party traffic and leads that drive real business results, giving auto dealers the power to quickly solve real business challenges without depending wholly on traditional, legacy media or third-party listing sites. The company also provides "Sales Matchbacks" to help dealerships attribute unit sales to their Facebook ad campaigns. This dealer-first strategy has led to four of Dealers United's clients being published as success stories on Facebook Business.

While many full-service agencies take a one-stop-shop approach and try to offer Facebook as an add-on, Dealers United proves that a dedicated focus and hands-on strategy with Facebook ads gets clients the real results they want.

“We recently switched from Dealers United to a full-service digital provider under the promise of reduced cost and added benefits,” said Markus Kamm, Director of Sales at Tynan’s Automotive Group. “They promised we would get everything Dealers United had been providing to us but with better results for less money. What dealer wouldn’t go for that, right? But soon after we went live, not only did we see an immediate drop in traffic but the new vendor couldn’t even provide metrics to allow us to see why—no impression numbers, lead counts, sales matchbacks, nothing. It quickly became apparent that the new vendor didn’t even come close to offering everything Dealers United does in terms of Facebook Advertising. Overall, not only was it pointless and not worth the time investment to switch, but we’ll never know how much business we lost while Dealers United was absent from the helm. We moved back to Dealers United after less than 60 days because of all of their unique strategies, impeccable customer service, real metrics, and quantifiable and transparent results.”

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