Laguna Hills, Calif – Recall Masters, Inc., a provider of automotive recall data, technology and communications, today announced the launch of a special COVID-19 Response Kit at no cost for its auto dealer clients. The kit is designed to help improve the handling of service customers and recalls at this time.

“It appears that, as a country, we're moving past the immediate response to the COVID-19 outbreak and settling into a new normal for the next 30-60 days, if not longer. While the impact is unique to each dealer and local market, we stand united in supporting consumers who continue to rely on their local dealership for vehicle service. For stores that remain in operation, we are here to help. We've received some optimistic feedback from certain programs which are now available to our dealers at no additional cost,” said Dan Beres, Managing Partner at Recall Masters.

The Recall Masters COVID-19 Response Kit is offered at no additional cost to all current auto dealer clients and any stores within a group where one or more stores is a client. It includes the following:

· MarketSMART Reports: These reports identify recalled vehicles on independent lots. Because sales have come to a standstill, Recall Masters has found that independents are now very receptive to vehicles being serviced by a franchised dealer. For a limited time, Recall Masters is making these reports available at no cost to its clients and all stores within the store’s group.

· Group Inventory Batch Upload Reports: These reports identify recalled vehicles sitting on lots of a dealers’ sister stores. For a limited time, if a dealer provides the VINs in its group's used car inventory, Recall Masters will check them for open recalls and return a report detailing which vehicles are affected by a recall.

· COVID-19 Response Communication Campaign: In addition, Recall Master is offering a special COVID-19 Response Communication Campaign at no cost to its auto dealer clients. Dealers must fill out a questionnaire profile of their COVID-19 operations, and Recall Masters will coordinate communication with consumers who require vehicle servicing and repair (see sample email here).

“With staff cutbacks, many dealerships lack the resources to craft and distribute important updates to customers. And a key part of any workable solution right now is effective customer communications. At the best of times, recall customers can be upset about an existing recall, especially if their vehicle is now unsafe and a threat to them and their family. Add the threat of COVID-19 and the fear is even greater. It is vital to communicate with these customers correctly to help soothe any fears. For example, let them know you are adhering to all CDC guidelines and offering additional vehicle disinfection at vehicle drop-off and return at no cost to the customer,” Beres stated. “We expect the majority of our customers to take advantage of this opportunity, so please be patient while we confirm your participation. If you don’t receive a response within 24 hours, please email [email protected] and we will call you immediately,” Beres added.

Recall Masters provides recall solutions directly, and through strategic partnerships, to more than 3,000 dealerships nationwide. Also, two auto manufacturers, BMW of North America (BMWNA), and Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) are contracted with Recall Masters to assist with boosting recall completion rates for select dealerships in key US markets.

Any Recall Masters dealers interested in the COVID-19 Response Kit can call their representative or send an email to [email protected]. 

Recall Masters has also drafted a best practices guide for using these tools, along with suggested call scripts, which can be accessed at:

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