Inovatec Systems Corporation rebrands its compass lending platform as JAVELIN.  -  IMAGE:

Inovatec Systems Corporation rebrands its compass lending platform as JAVELIN.


BURNABY, BC - Inovatec Systems Corp., a provider of industry-leading, cloud-based software solutions for all financial institutions, announced its Compass Lending Platform has been rebranded under the JAVELIN name. The former Inovatec software products have been renamed under the JAVELIN moniker. The Compass Direct Portal is now known as JAVELIN Direct; Compass Asset Finance is now JAVELIN LOS; and Compass Loan Management is now JAVELIN LMS.

The rebranded name, JAVELIN, was selected to help simplify and streamline the Inovatec brand. The word “Javelin” is synonymous with speed, streamlined precision and targeted accuracy. These qualities make "Javelin" an ideal brand name for Inovatec’s proprietary technology.

JAVELIN by Inovatec is a state-of-the-art lending platform that helps lenders select the right deals, while only paying for deals that are booked. The JAVELIN platform encompasses three different aspects of technology:

  • JAVELIN Direct streamlines loan applications to lenders, making the job of completing and submitting credit applications fast and easy. With JAVELIN Direct, vendors and lenders can communicate in real time from the point of an application’s submission, all the way to booking the transaction. Real-time application updates and open communication across multiple channels guarantees lenders always have the information they need to book the right deal. JAVELIN Direct Portal works both as a stand-alone module and as part of Inovatec’s complete lending platform.
  • JAVELIN LOS is a loan origination system designed from the ground up to target the right deals. With Javelin Success Pricing, clients pay only for booked transactions. In addition to best-in-class crediting, auditing and income verification for financing applications, JAVELIN LOS supports self-configurable credit decisioning, tolerance limits and risk parameters with full auto decisioning and scorecard capabilities. JAVELIN’s open API infrastructure eliminates barriers and expedites connectivity with internal and external data and service providers to drive efficiencies and optimize lender partnerships.
  • JAVELIN LMS features electronic document management with robust loan servicing and after-care for loans, leasing, consumer/commercial customer service and collections and third party vendor management. JAVELIN Loan Servicing is a fully secure loan and lease servicing system. Lenders can easily manage customer loans leases, repayments, and collections all in one place - and improve outcomes every step of the way. Lenders can also manage loan fees, grace periods and penalties while maximizing flexibility with restructuring and refinancing options.

Inovatec’s solutions improve overall efficiency in areas that would take lenders hundreds of working hours to process, file, organize and approve applications.  JAVELIN has flexibility built in, so clients can quickly and easily update current products or develop new ones to keep their lending business in step with evolving markets. The technology quickly and easily adapts to existing loan products, creating a highly customizable user experience that aligns with current workflows and business goals.

“The rebranding of our Direct, LOS and LMS system was a pivotal decision for Inovatec, highlighting our strengths as a company,” said Brendon Aleski, US Director of Sales at Inovatec. “The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically disrupted the way that lenders operate, exposing a need for more effective technology processes that enable quick decisions and reactions to the changing market. Lenders who partner with organizations like Inovatec can pivot their strategies almost immediately, ensuring stability, consistency and accuracy throughout their business operations.” 

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