Addition of customer communication technology expands eCommerce leader's offerings to auto dealers. - IMAGE:

Addition of customer communication technology expands eCommerce leader's offerings to auto dealers.

PASADENA, Calif. –  Recognizing the growing influence of text communication in dealer/car-buyer engagement, Fox Dealer today announces the acquisition of Simplext Digital immediate response solution and the formation of a partnership with LetzChat, a text-and-chat platform providing real-time translation in more than 100 languages.

Often considered a less intimidating form of communication for car and truck buyers when compared with in-person or phone conversation, texting solutions enable direct discussion with a sales or service representative, rather than a lead bucket or automated tools. This streamlines the process for both shoppers and vehicle owners in need of scheduling service appointments.

"We have been looking for texting and chat tools that will further our efforts in helping dealers streamline their direct communication with customers, improving engagement and ultimately generating sales," explained Chief Executive Officer GianCarlo Alabastro. "These new technologies complement our existing website, advertising and digital retailing platforms and will be available within that structure or as a stand-alone tool."

Simplext Digital supports dealerships because its technology sparks sales-driven communication in an easy-to-use format for personnel.  Benefits include real-time messaging, safeguarding leads within dealership walls, affordability through a low, fixed cost format, privacy to protect personal mobile numbers, easy set-up and installation and TCPA compliance through opt-in messaging.

Its newly formed partnership with LetzChat allows Fox Dealer to access a first-to-market text-and-chat tool capable of immediately translating text and website content in more than 100 languages. LetzChat's modern, proprietary, and accurate translation APIs provide customers with a multitude of services, from highly adapted localized solutions to large-volume automated enterprise services.

The addition of Simplext Digital technology follows February's launch of Fox Chat, a live text and video service for GM Canada dealers facilitated through the General Motors Dealer Digital Solution program.

Fox Chat uses a dealer's native technology on its sales team's phones and computers instead of forcing a separate, cumbersome app, empowering the dealer and sales staff to use the service immediately. The all-in-one tool enables seamless communication between sales staff and customers, from chatting about options via text, to co-browsing the inventory using screen share; from vehicle walk-arounds with live video, to taking a first look at the customer's trade-in.

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