VSC includes coverage for many types of vehicles and enhances consumer convenience benefits. - IMAGE: EasyCare

VSC includes coverage for many types of vehicles and enhances consumer convenience benefits.

NORCROSS, Georgia — EasyCare, an APCO Holdings brand, introduces a new vehicle service contract (VSC) for auto dealerships. This VSC makes it easier for dealers to present in the F&I office by integrating coverage options for many vehicle types and needs into one product, including electric vehicles (EVs). Plus, this new product offers extended eligibility and more terms, increases the value of consumer convenience benefits, and includes options to help dealers retain service business.

"As F&I continues to be a success-driver for dealers, evolving coverage options are critical to helping dealers stay ahead of automotive buying trends and the market itself," said Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of APCO Holdings. "Our goal with this product is to cover as many vehicles and situations as we can to help dealers protect as many consumers as possible."

To simplify the process of presenting a VSC to customers in the F&I office, EasyCare consolidated coverage for the following types of vehicles and situations into one form for VSC and one form for VSC with Tire & Wheel: gasoline vehicles, EVs, CPO Wrap, medium duty trucks, lifted trucks, Canadian vehicles with no factory warranty, snowplows, and commercial vehicles including commercial snowplows and vehicles used for rideshare services.

Dealers can now offer four levels of coverage to more consumers with an extension of eligibility to 200,000 miles and current model year plus 15. EasyCare's new VSC has the same levels of coverage dealers have come to expect—ranging from stated component powertrain to exclusionary—to suit all types of budgets and driving habits. 

In addition to increasing eligibility, EasyCare's new VSC gives consumers the chance to choose which substitute transportation option works best for them. While a vehicle is in the shop for a covered repair, consumers can be reimbursed for rideshare vehicles, taxis, and rental cars. The reimbursement allowance was also increased with an option to upgrade to an even higher amount. Consumers will also see higher reimbursements for towing no matter where they take their vehicle for repairs. 

Expanding EasyCare’s VSC to include EVs and EV components allows dealers to protect their customers in this growing vehicle segment. Many EV buyers overlook that EVs have over 70% of their components in common with gasoline vehicles, making the protection offered by a VSC a smart investment in the event of a component failure.  

The new EasyCare VSC also includes a diminishing deductible option to help dealers increase service retention. Designed to encourage customers to return to the dealership where they purchased their vehicle, this option reduces the deductible amount for customers when they bring their vehicle to the selling dealer for covered repairs. 

"Less than half of consumers in the U.S. can afford an unexpected large expense," said Eisenfelder. "These contracts provide peace of mind to the consumer if their vehicle has a mechanical failure, plus it helps make that process less stressful by offering roadside assistance and a way for them to get where they need to be while their vehicle is repaired."

EasyCare's new VSC gives dealers another tool to cater to each customer's specific needs, helping to protect their investment and increasing their trade-in value when the time comes—while driving service business back to the selling dealership. 

For more information, visit https://easycare.com

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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