New VSC covers technology, electronic components and safety systems in vehicles. - IMAGE: EasyCare

New VSC covers technology, electronic components and safety systems in vehicles.

NORCROSS, Georgia  EasyCare, an APCO Holdings brand, introduces TechCare, a new vehicle service contract (VSC) designed exclusively to cover the costly technology, electronic components, and safety systems in vehicles. TechCare provides car buyers with a lower-cost alternative to a traditional VSC, helping dealerships boost service retention rates while saving customers thousands of dollars in repair bills.

TechCare is the latest addition to EasyCare’s comprehensive suite of finance and insurance (F&I) products designed to give dealers the opportunity to maximize every sale, driving greater revenue for the dealership and a better experience for customers.

“Today’s vehicles are loaded with high-tech options to the point where they are essentially computers on wheels. TechCare protects car buyers in the event that these systems and components fail or are damaged,” said Scot Eisenfelder, CEO of APCO Holdings. “Consumers purchase similar protection plans for other products they rely on as part of their daily lives, such as smartphones and computers. This type of protection for technology in vehicles should be a familiar concept for consumers.”

TechCare coverage includes protection for in-vehicle technology such as touchscreens, cameras, infotainment systems and speakers; electronics such as navigation/GPS systems, TV screens, DVD players, WiFi and USB ports; and safety systems such as blind spot detection, lane departure warning, parking sensors and autonomous braking systems. TechCare coverage begins after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and can be extended up to seven years.

Replacement and repair costs for vehicle technology can easily run into thousands of dollars. The average replacement cost for a navigation display unit alone can run over $2,000. Replacing a digital multimedia receiver can add up to $2,428. TechCare covers these kinds of repairs so consumers don't have to worry about an unexpected repair bill.

In addition to coverage for technology, electronics and safety systems, TechCare comes with: 

  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and towing
  • Substitute transportation (rideshare vehicles and taxis) reimbursement
  • Trip interruption reimbursement
  • A diminishing deductible option to help dealers with service retention (if a customer returns to any store in the selling dealer’s group the deductible is lower or $0)

TechCare can be sold with any vehicle eligible for coverage, including electric vehicles (EVs). It provides dealerships with another opportunity to sell a VSC product to customers who do not choose to purchase a traditional VSC. TechCare is accepted at any dealership or ASE Certified repair facility in the U.S. and Canada, and all repairs are made by certified technicians. TechCare is also 100 percent transferable to a vehicle’s new owner in the event of a sale.

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