Digital platform optimizes finding a load, booking and processing it. - IMAGE: Ship.Cars

Digital platform optimizes finding a load, booking and processing it.

IMAGE: Ship.Cars, an auto logistics technology provider in the car-hauling industry, launched the artificial intelligence-powered SmartHaul TMS transportation management system. The smart-technology platform incorporates a full suite of features using data-driven insights, machine learning and AI tools to save time, increase efficiency, meet consumer demand, and drive carrier profitability.

Auto transport remains a critical lynchpin for the automotive industry, serving as the backbone of the inventory supply chain. Taking a tech-first approach that also speeds dispatch and delivery processes is essential for carriers to compete and to keep automotive sales moving. SmartHaul TMS includes intuitive features to help company owners, dispatchers and drivers work smarter and haul faster, helping them improve operations. The digital platform optimizes finding a load, booking and processing it, helping carriers efficiently meet the needs of their shippers, including dealerships, auctions and retail individuals.

“We are dedicated to helping carriers maximize their profits,” said Ship.Cars President Eftim Eftimov. “With new AI-powered tools that strengthen search, dispatch and inspection, SmartHaul TMS prepares carriers for a more profitable future.”

Leveraging real-time data and analytics, carriers can gain a competitive advantage. SmartHaul TMS uses sophisticated algorithms and predictive modeling to provide carriers with the right loads at the right time. By harnessing the intelligent capabilities, carriers can quickly make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom lines.

Key Features

Trip Builder. This feature for car haulers helps carriers and drivers work more efficiently and increases revenue. Drivers can reduce dead-head miles by seeing all potential loads on their routes, swapping between loads and configuring a trip with the best dollar-per-mile value possible. In addition, optimizing trips can help reduce a truck’s carbon footprint.

AI Damage Inspection. Performing manual inspections is one of drivrs' most time-consuming tasks, making AI inspection a necessity Ship.Cars integrates AI damage-inspection software into a driver delivery application. While eliminating human error and producing more accurate reporting, the tool reduces vehicle inspection times by up to 60%, with full condition reports sent within 30 seconds.

Mobile Load Board. The mobile Market Load Board gives drivers full access to available loads within the SmartHaul APP. With immediate access to the tools needed to effectively search, negotiate and book loads from a phone, it elevates load bookings. A customizable search tool informs drivers of all postings and gives them access to exclusive loads available for instant booking through partnerships with shippers of all sizes, ensuring the best possible prices. In addition, the mobile load board includes an easy-to-use negotiation tool that keeps all interactions in one place and is updated in real-time.

Current TMS platforms primarily provide tools to aid carriers in their work. The SmartHaul TMS platform introduces a comprehensive suite of smart features that enhance carrier efficiency and reduce reliance on manual labor, automating tasks within the transportation-management process. By minimizing manual work, SmartHaul TMS enables carriers to allocate resources more strategically, leading to improved performance throughout the organization.

“With its advanced smart features and unwavering focus on enhancing carrier efficiency, SmartHaul TMS revolutionizes the industry, empowering carriers to achieve unparalleled levels of productivity and success,” said Ship.Cars Product and Operations Lead Vladimir Kadurin. “The industry’s reaction to SmartHaul TMS has been overwhelmingly positive. Ship.Cars users are already completing nearly 50,000 monthly inspections; the Trip Builder feature has enabled nearly a 100% increase in trips created; and the mobile load board is already being used by half of all current Market Load Board users. With new technology, carriers have access to smarter, more robust features, and owner-operators can run their entire business from their phones.”

Ship.Cars serves more than 30,000 carriers and 90,000 drivers, operating over 110,000 trucks. Based on current TMS usage, the company anticipates increasing its volume to over 20,000 users per month.

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