Fred Fordin  -  IMAGE: Fordin Automotive

Fred Fordin

IMAGE: Fordin Automotive

Fordin Automotive, an auto dealership SaaS provider, unveiled DeelrPro BI. Led by industry trailblazer Fred Fordin and his son Charles Fordin, the business analytics package incorporates state-of-the-art tools and technologies to set a new benchmark for the automotive industry.

Fordin Automotive is the creator of ASR Pro, the fixed operations platform now known as CDK Service and Xtime Inspect, Fred Fordin says, “In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, our aim with DeelrPro BI is to empower dealers to make swift, informed decisions in the day-to-day management of their assets.” He says there's a need to move away from outdated practices of reacting to issues and mistakes from the previous months. “It's an ancient and ineffective way to operate. Moreover, in a rapidly changing industry, failing to keep pace as 3rd party providers could harm the industry, rendering us irrelevant.”

Charles Fordin adds, “In our search for the next opportunity, DeelrPro BI stood out for its well-designed and strategically valuable nature, both technologically and strategically. We are actively enhancing the product's dynamism, and progress has been promising.”

DeelrPro BI has been operational in over two dozen dealerships for an extended period, effectively aiding dealership management in making instantaneous decisions based on historical data and projections. Testimonials from managers highlight the tool's role in their decision-making processes.

Fred Fordin, a SaaS and automotive expert with over 50 years of operational experience, is known in the automotive industry for building teams and leading rapid, scalable business growth. Charles Fordin, leading the technology front for Fordin Automotive since its inception, has influenced various automotive SaaS companies throughout his career.

For more information, visit Fordin's website.

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