Ford hybrid sales, following suit with the automaker’s recent electric-vehicle downshift, surged in April, with one model setting a monthly record.

The Detroit-area brand said its hybrid deliveries jumped 60% year-over-year to about 18,000 units.

Sales of its F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid pickup alone skyrocketed 94%, surpassing all other full-size hybrid trucks in U.S. sales, said Ford. It pointed out that most early buyers of the 2024 model have upgraded to get the Pro Power Onboard, which makes the truck a portable generator to power tools, appliances and more.

Ford’s Maverick hybrid is still its best-selling hybrid truck year-to-date at more than 26,000 units in sales in the first four months. It said most of those buyers switched from other brands, many trading small sports-utility vehicles for the pickups.

In April, Ford delayed EV production at its Ontario plant as it announced plans to grow its hybrid lineup.

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