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Mad Marv

Marv is no industry insider. He’s an actual F&I manager with more than 20 years of experience. Get his from-the-trenches take on the industry every month at

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Play Like a Champion

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady led his team to 25 points in the fourth quarter and...

His Madness wants F&I pros to achieve greatness by pushing the limits of performance, product knowledge, and customer service.

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Change Your Own Oil

Need a spark? Try reviewing training materials and videos for tips, techniques, and resources...

Bad habits form quickly when finance friction affects your performance. His Madness explains how true F&I professionals roll up their sleeves and seek inspiration to get back on track.

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Get Over It

The Eagles’ “Get Over It” is a fitting mantra for F&I professionals suffering from a crisis of...

Before you quit F&I and start flipping burgers, His Madness reminds you that every losing streak has to end sometime.

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Make F&I Great Again

Make F&I Great Again

His Madness challenges F&I professionals to take whatever steps are necessary to make the business office a safe, fun, comfortable stop on the customer’s path to purchase.

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Give Yourself an Edge

His Madness offers a sample of word-tracks and strategies from many of the nation’s leading F&I producers and trainers.

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Readers Are Leaders

Do you know the minimum amount of tread depth a tire must have for a tire-and-wheel claim to be approved? If you don’t, His Madness has a message for you.

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Comply Like Nobody’s Watching

His Madness wants F&I pros to commit to ethical dealings with customers and finance sources because it’s the right thing to do, not just for the very real threat of reprisal.

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'We Never Buy This Stuff'

Every F&I pro gets the occasional ‘F’ customer, but they’re a small part of your business and they’re not worth a minute of mental anguish.

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