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Nissan Leads July Lease Deals, Discounts

The 2019 Nissan Titan can be leased for $195 per month thanks an $87 factory discount. reports moves made by an ‘aggressive’ Nissan highlighted the month in auto leasing, maintaining an industry-low price for the Sentra and offering big discounts on the Titan and Pathfinder.


Study Finds Shaky Consumer Confidence in AVs, EVs

This week, Ford announced the acquisition of mobile robotics provider Quantum Signal as part of...

Despite manufacturers’ best efforts, J.D. Power analysts described U.S. car buyers’ attitudes toward autonomous and electric vehicles as ‘not encouraging’ upon the release of the first-ever Mobility Confidence Index Study.


Dealer Sues Over Lexus Point Lost in 1989

In 1989, 121 U.S. franchisees were given the opportunity to sell the first generation of Lexus...

Longtime Wichita, Kan., Toyota dealer Mike Steven has sued the factory’s luxury division, claiming more than $120 million in damages stemming from a 30-year-old dispute over an unawarded Lexus franchise.


Summer Love: 10 Hottest Used Cars

2015–’19 Ford Mustang: “Recently redesigned in 2015, a lightly used Ford Mustang has a lot of...

Autotrader has released its latest list of the most-searched vehicles of the season. Hop into the 10 Hottest Used Cars for Summer 2019 with commentary from Autotrader editors.


Liebert Out, Miller in as AutoNation CEO

Cheryl Miller and Mike Jackson appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to announce Miller’s promotion...

Cheryl Miller has been promoted from CFO to president and CEO at AutoNation, replacing Carl Liebert, an auto retail outsider who took over as chief executive for founder Mike Jackson just four months ago.


Cox: Younger Workers Could Reduce Dealership Turnover

Dealers facing high turnover rates could see that trend reversed with a focus on younger...

Cox Automotive’s 2019 Dealership Staffing Study finds approximately 20% of dealership staff are likely to look for another job in the next six months, a problem that could be solved with a greater focus on attracting younger generations to dealership work.