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F&I Menu Presentation

F&I Tip of the Week: Pace Equals Profit

Research shows that people tend to equate fast-paced speech with a lack of credibility, which isn't what we're after in the F&I office. F&I trainer John Tabar offers a few tips for uncovering and fixing a pace problem.

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Are You Menu Selling or Menu Telling?

Top trainer shares three questions every F&I manager should be asking themselves, all of which have little to do with your choice of menu and everything to do with the way you’re using it.

Menu Selling Reloaded

F&I trainer believes new technology and expert salesmanship can combine to create an efficient and productive menu-selling process.

The ’90s Called. They Want Their Presentations Back.

Are you still rolling out the old NASCAR close? F&I insider says F&I offices need to get with the times and ditch those ‘Buy it now or bad things will happen’ pitches.

Mastering the Menu

Does the transition to the F&I menu presentation stress you out? F&I trainer has the three-part cure.

[Video] Tip of the Week: Lender 'Callbacks' Shouldn't Dictate F&I Presentations

United Development Systems’ Gerry Gould has been on the “dictate your own destiny” kick of late, and he continues hammering home his message this week with a few words on how to proceed when the finance source gives you a “Line 5” call.

[Video] Tip of the Week: Setting and Presenting the Menu

United Development Systems’ Gerry Gould delves into menu setup and presentation, and explains why products are presented in the order they are.

[Video] Tip of the Week: When's the Right Time to Present the Menu?

Do you build rapport before presenting the menu? Or do you get right to business the moment the customer enters your office? United Development Systems' Gerry Gould offers his take in F&I’s Tip of the Week.

What's on the Menu?

Should the base payment be listed on the F&I menu? The magazine’s legal wiz weighs in on this hotly debated issue.

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The Good Humor Gal

Dina Wilson is this year’s F&Idol winner, and she says her ability to joke around with customers is the secret to her prize-winning video — and her most powerful sales tool.

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