LEE, Mass. — @utoRevenue, a provider of retention marketing solutions, introduced @utoVoice Live, a new service to drive higher retention and service department results.

By delivering brief, live-voice calls directly to the customer, @utoVoice Live will enable dealerships to enhance the consumer experience, increase loyalty and retention rates, and maximize participation in key service milestones. @utoRevenue is a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions.

Using @utoVoice Live, dealers can engage customers with a professional call agent, book service appointments during the call, and gather or confirm important personal data points, such as email addresses and other contact fields.

@utoVoice Live is the newest addition to @utoRevenue's family of multi-channel, direct marketing products that leverage the power of email, voice, direct mail, text, and online scheduling services.

The @utoVoice Live call underscores seven of the most important service events in the customer lifecycle:

• 1st Service Appointment Reminder

• Regular Service Reminder - alleviate concerns on current FTC regulatory risk with pre-recorded calls

• Lost Soul - for those customers you haven't seen for an extended period

• Closed Repair Order Survey - make sure your customers are satisfied

• Declined Service Follow-up - give your customers another chance to schedule

• Missed Appointment Follow-up - reschedule a missed appointment by phone.

• State Inspection Reminder

@utoVoice Live can be fully customized to target the consumers the dealer needs to contact: Reach out to just those customers without email addresses, ones who live within a specific radius of the dealership, or ones who haven't visited the business within a designated time frame.

@utoRevenue reports back to the dealer with call success, customer comments, and the numbers the dealer needs to see to ensure they are maximizing their marketing budget.

General Manager Brice Englert of @utoRevenue expresses his enthusiasm for the new product, "We are entering a new year where service retention may be the single most critical metric for our customers' success. By adding this important service, our clients will improve their retention rates and counter the effect of declining units in operation as a result of the pull-back in sales volume over the last 18 months."