ATLANTA and WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — EasyCare recently acquired CoVideo, a technology company that offers a proprietary format for streaming video e-mail. Dealers can use this technology to facilitate personalized, effective communications with current and prospective customers.

CoVideo utilizes video technology that leapfrogs existing video e-mail programs in ease of use, for both the sender and recipient.

“When customers are sent a video e-mail message, it makes an impression because of the face-to-face interaction and emotion conveyed by a ’real’ person," says Jennifer Silverberg, vice president of marketing and customer experience for EasyCare. "This helps strengthen the bond between the sales or service person at the dealership and the customer even before they ever walk into the dealership, because the customer feels they have already ‘met’. This process has proven especially effective on getting results on Internet leads.”

“CoVideo has developed an application that takes interpersonal communication with the customer to a new level. Whether it is communicating with customers in the dealer’s current database, responding to an Internet request, campaigning for new opportunities in service or sales, or giving the dealer or managers the ability to personally communicate with each other internally, the CoVideo process 'touches' the consumer differently and creates a bond that is stronger than any other we have seen,” said Larry Dorfman, chairman/CEO of EasyCare. “Also, it has created a much better way for us to communicate within our almost 600-person organization and the nearly 2,000 dealers we support with EasyCare benefits and services.”

“Over our six years in business we have worked with several dealerships and groups and gotten very strong results. We are excited to extend our reach significantly deeper into the automotive category as a part of EasyCare,” says Ed Mugg, CEO of CoVideo. “Dealers tell us that they count on EasyCare to bring them innovative solutions that differentiate their dealership and drive customer interest and loyalty, and we’re excited to add CoVideo to the EasyCare package of benefits.”