ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Automotive Information Systems Inc., (AIS) has introduced a new incentive management system, which integrates compatibility and stackability rules and can be used directly with desking and CRM applications. This new system also includes vehicle rebate data.

The AIS’ system will determine all the programs associated with a particular vehicle and ZIP code, the programs based on customer qualifications, as well as eligibility associated to a specific VIN or dealer. This data is electronically analyzed to provide optimum program stacking, following compatibility logic for each transaction type.

“One of the most time consuming processes with desking a deal is structuring all of the transaction scenarios to determine the best payment. This new system provides the answers in seconds,” states Troy Ontko, AIS Rebates’ president and founder. “This new system now provides dealers what they have needed for years.”

Dealers will now benefit by instantly seeing all payment options based on the various deal transaction scenarios (e.g., using manufacturer retail supported rates, bank retail financing, manufacturer supported lease and more.)

The system will provide “transactable” incentive delivery, which allows a dealer to simply select all programs available to a particular customer. The system will determine the optimum program selection for each deal scenario and deliver the results. This system even takes into account programs, such as manufacturer employee purchase programs, and will automatically include employee specials and disallow other programs that are not compatible.

Another hallmark of this system is that it will systematically determine the best combination of programs. For example, a $1,000 additional offer may be available but must be used alone, or a $750 program could be stacked with another $500 program making it the better choice — allowing for greater dealer profit and a lower payment.

“Finally, dealers can feel confident about structuring a deal that really provides the best payment for the consumer and may provide dealer profit opportunities not normally considered. Dealer personnel no longer need to be worried about programs rejecting because of incompatibilities. AIS guarantees the results,” said Greg Kelly, marketing director for AIS.

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