SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Polk announced that Ford Motor Company took top honors for the second year in a row during the 16th annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards. Ford was a repeat winner in several categories, including overall loyalty to manufacturer, overall loyalty to make, African-American market loyalty to make, and mid/full-size pickup for its F-Series truck lineup.

"We are honored that our customers continue to choose our products. Each day, Ford endeavors to gain their loyalty and advocacy by providing choices, fuel economy, smart technology and safety," said Ken Czubay, vice president of sales and service for Ford.

This year's awards also recognized several OEMs as repeat winners across a variety of categories. 

Hyundai also was honored for the first time, with its Elantra winning in the compact car segment. The Ford Escape was recognized in the compact SUV category.  

"This is a true testament to Hyundai's product success and confirmation that it has become an exciting brand in the U.S. market," said Brad Smith, director of Polk’s Loyalty Management Practice.

Jeep received the award for most improved loyalty to make for 2011, based on the success of the redesigned Jeep Grand Cherokee. In addition, Chrysler Town & Country won its 11th consecutive Polk Automotive Loyalty Award. The Porsche 911 was honored in the luxury sports car category, and the Lincoln MKZ won the luxury car category with a relatively new model. 

The 2011 awards are based on an analysis of 5.5 million return-to-market events during the 2011 model year, according to Polk. The model year ran from Oct. 1, 2010 through Sept. 30, 2011.

"OEMs are paying increasingly close attention to loyalty as the industry begins to rebound," said Stephen Polk, chairman, president and CEO of Polk. "Together, with some of the retention programs manufacturers have put in place, and several new product launches in the past few years, there are a lot of exciting options in showrooms for consumers who are in the market for new vehicles."

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Overall Awards 


Loyalty Percentage

Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer

Ford Motor Company (repeat winner)


Overall Loyalty to Make

Ford (repeat winner)


Hispanic Market Loyalty to Make



Asian Market Loyalty to Make

Toyota (repeat winner)


African American Market Loyalty to Make

Ford (repeat winner)


Most Improved Loyalty to Make


+7.4 percentage points

Vehicle Category Awards 


Loyalty Percentage

Compact Car

Hyundai Elantra


Mid/Full-size Car

Subaru Outback


Luxury Car

Lincoln MKZ


Sports Car

Dodge Challenger (repeat winner)


Luxury Sports Car

Porsche 911



Chrysler Town & Country (repeat winner)


Mid/Full-size Pickup

Ford F-Series (repeat winner)


Compact SUV

Ford Escape


Mid/Full-size SUV

Lexus RX (repeat winner)


Luxury SUV

Land Rover Range Rover (repeat winner)