SAN FRANCISCO — Unified Social, a cloud marketing technology company, released a new report that on Facebook ad campaigns launched in various industries. It showed that automotive marketers are spending a pretty penny for impressions compared to other industries, and it appears they’re getting their money’s worth.

Automotive-related impressions, or clicks per million (CPM), cost 69 percent more than in other verticals, Unified Social reported. However, the auto vertical realized 25 percent more click-through rates than other categories. Additionally, costs per click were 22 percent cheaper than what other industries realized.

“Auto vertical’s generally inexpensive CPC rates come from many brands’ opening targeting to all ages able to drive, bringing in engagement from a younger crowd,” read the report.

“Although Facebook users are quick to engage with auto-focused content, that high engagement rate doesn’t translate into cheaper cost per like (calculated for all ads in which the campaign’s goal was to gain brand likes) for the typical auto advertiser. Savvy auto advertisers can decrease the cost of building a fan base by optimizing the conversion path between clicking on content and becoming a fan.”

The four verticals, according to the study, that excelled at converting clicks into fans were cellular and telco, gaming, desktop software and alcohol.

The study examined 14 verticals, including: alcohol, automotive, consumer packaged goods, education, electronics, entertainment, financial services, food, gaming, home improvement, consumer web services, desktop software, cellular and telco, and travel.