ORWIGSBURG, Pa. — Preferred Warranties Inc. (PWI), a provider of extended service contracts for independent automotive dealerships, has announced that eContract, its portal for online contract entry, is now fully integrated with Frazer Computing Inc.’s management software for independent used-car dealerships.

The Frazer’s DMS is used by approximately 11,000 independent used-car dealerships to manage inventory, customers and financials.

“One of our primary missions is to make life easier for our dealers,” said Wayne Herring Sr., PWI’s president. “The integration of eContract with one of the leading software programs for independent dealerships is a huge step toward this ongoing goal.”

Preferred’s proprietary eContract program allows dealers to instantly compare, present and submit Preferred Warranties service contracts on any vehicle. For example, by entering the VIN and mileage, the system automatically displays the plans available for that particular vehicle and calculates the vehicle service contract price, minimizing the chance for human error. It also eliminates the need for dealers to look through price and class sheets, while customers are provided with instant coverage the moment they drive their vehicle off the lot.