FORT WAYNE, Ind. — VisionMenu has integrated ASI, GWC Warranty, PCMI, Premier Dealer Services, and RoadVantage to its vRate platform, a new feature outfitting the firm’s VisionMenu. It is designed to allow users to rate multiple providers and multiple products simultaneously.

vRate is a direct-to-the-provider electronic rating tool that will populate all the rates returned by any of the providers with direct integration with VisionMenu. Once the rates are returned, the F&I manager simply points and clicks on the desired option for each product and package. vRate doesn’t cost providers, agents or dealers any additional fee, other than what they are already paying for the menu

“Speed and accuracy are so important to a dealer’s F&I office today,” said Ron Martin, president of VisionMenu. “vRate is so efficient in getting all the rates that it makes it much easier to econtract. The vRate process is accomplished in a fraction of the time it takes the user to rate each provider individually.”

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