FORT WORTH, Texas —Dealership technology provider AutoStar Solutions has announced the integration of its AutoStar Fusion dealer management system (DMS) with DealerSocket’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, which was named the Highest-Rated Sales CRM by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) last year.

AutoStar’s latest two-way integration allows dealers to automatically and securely share 27 separate pieces of vehicle, sales and customer information between both systems. These instant updates dramatically reduce the need for data entry and streamline the sales process.

“We’re excited to announce yet another integration that will save dealers the two things they need most time and money,” said AutoStar President and CEO Allen Dobbins. “Prior to this partnership, the only way to share information between our Fusion DMS and DealerSocket’s CRM was manually re-entering the data. Our dealers needed a better, more efficient way to make updates in real time. Now it’s one click of a button. Couldn’t be any easier.”

Through this new integration, dealers can immediately send buyer, cobuyer, and cosigner information from DealerSocket CRM directly to AutoStar Fusion DMS. The integration also sends any completed residence and employer information for each contact into the system, helping dealers complete the sales process without the need to enter data twice. Every night, AutoStar automatically syncs inventory and sales information from its Fusion DMS to DealerSocket CRM.

“More than 92% of our customers already access DealerSocket CRM with a tablet or smartphone,” said Peter Ord, national sales director at DealerSocket. “These users can enter customer data into their mobile device while standing on the lot with a customer. And now, thanks to this integration, they can push that information to AutoStar’s Fusion DMS with one click. It will expedite the sales process and get the customer driving off in his or her new vehicle faster than ever.”

DealerSocket will join AutoStar as a presenter and sponsor at Innovate 2015, the Independent Dealer Industry Conference, coming this fall. Visit to sign up for conference updates, ticket information, a list of speakers, the full breakout schedule, and more.