WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — GWC Warranty, a provider of used-vehicle service contracts and related F&I products, is expanding the ways it rewards its top dealers. The company has announced enhancements to the current GWC Elite Dealer Program and is also introducing a unique value bundle for its top volume dealers — the GWC WealthBuilder Program.

Previously, GWC Warranty dealers were eligible for the GWC Elite Dealer Program based upon service-contract sales volume. With the build out of the GWC WealthBuilder Program, the company now has two separate program tiers, each with its own bundle of benefits designed to helping GWC’s top dealers build upon their success. The GWC Elite Dealer Program represents the first tier, while dealers can advance to the GWC WealthBuilder Program as their GWC service contract volumes increase.

“After a year of the GWC Elite Dealer Program, it became evident there was a need to tailor benefits for the different types of dealers we were serving,” said Rob Glander, CEO and president of GWC Warranty. “By improving the GWC Elite Dealer Program and introducing the GWC WealthBuilder Program, we feel we are rewarding our top dealers with benefits and incentives to help them sell even more cars.”

Both programs provide dealers with exclusive access to concierge and online claims service, special pricing with GWC’s certified pre-owned program and branded marketing materials, among other benefits. The Elite Dealer Program also offers dealers access to vacation giveaway contests, while the WealthBuilder Program provides an enhanced level of underwriting profit sharing, where dealers can earn up to 100% of underwriting profits.

To learn more about these programs, visit www.GWCwarranty.com.