Downers Grove, Ill. — Credit-focused database company, CreditMiner, has partnered with Flick Fusion to incorporate its real-time soft credit-pull technology with Flick Fusion’s online and mobile video platform.

“Credit Miner’s complementary technology and non-intrusive credit capabilities are a great fit for our video solutions,” said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. “The result will be impactful from the end-customer’s perspective and will deliver more sales and profitability to our clients.”

Flick Fusion’s video marketing platform will enable automotive dealerships using CreditMiner’s products to engage a shopper directly from a Flick Fusion video. This creates additional exposure for CreditMiner’s application on the dealership’s website and across additional touchpoints, potentially resulting in increased sales and ROI.

“Our services go hand-in-hand,” said Ken Luna, vice president of corporate affairs at CreditMiner. “A large portion of all internet traffic is video and we’re extremely excited to be partners with such a great company in this space.”

CreditMiner offers real-time soft credit pulls that do not require a Social Security number or date of birth. They also do not impact the prospect’s credit score. Through its partner base, CreditMiner has over 9,000 dealers with access to its system.