SAN FRANCISCO — izmocars will be showcasing izmoVR, the firm's newest virtual reality offering, to dealerships in the Tech Pavilion at AutoMobility LA. The event is scheduled for Nov. 14-17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"Virtual reality is moving out of the gaming arena and coming into its own as businesses are realizing the enormous impact it can have on the purchasing process," said Tej Soni, CEO of izmocars. "By providing dealerships with a low-cost option for bringing virtual reality into their showrooms and service departments, we're creating another way for dealers to wow visitors and ultimately sell more vehicles without carrying extra inventory."

The company stated that by using virtual reality, drivers will be able to experience a car demo in an immersive manner and see features of a car that they normally wouldn’t be able to see. Dealers, the company added, will be able to use izmoVR in the showroom and service wait area. They can also make it available as a download from their website, allowing car shoppers to view the demo from their home.

"This next year we're going to see virtual reality in everything from the sales department to virtual reality presentations of aftermarket accessories, service presentations, as a training tool, lead-generation at events, and even as a "virtual lounge" for dealerships in public places beyond showrooms, such as malls, airports and hotel lobbies," Soni said. "We're just at the beginning of what this powerful technology can do in automotive, and it's exciting to be at the forefront of the industry both in the US and abroad."