DETROIT — Ally’s new auto finance marketplace, Clearlane, will soon allow car buyers to complete financing online through a new digital signing capability.

Developed by eOriginal, the SmartSign technology will be incorporated into the Clearlane platform in July 2017. It will allow customers to sign and submit their financing documents online or via mobile devices.

"A digital signing capability is a strong addition to Clearlane that will add efficiencies and time savings for both our customers and our network of lenders," said Tim Russi, president of auto finance at Ally. "Being able to sign and submit financing documents online will help alleviate stress and increase customer satisfaction, especially with millennial customers, a large consumer demographic in the automotive market."

The ability to sign and manage documents digitally is expected to bring additional speed and convenience to Clearlane's auto finance and refinance process by eliminating the need to print, sign and scan documents to complete transactions, according to Ally officials.

"Taking paper out of the vehicle buying process improves the customer experience, reduces dealer overhead costs and expedites funding cycles," said eOriginal President Stephen Bisbee. "We are excited to work with Ally to integrate our platform into Clearlane's lending marketplace, and help to ensure accurate, fast and secure transactions on the site, which all contribute to a great user experience."

Ally launched the Clearlane marketplace in April, connecting consumers with more than a dozen finance providers to help finance or refinance their vehicles. For more, visit