DUBLIN, Calif. — TagRail, the creator of DealerTag and the Lexus Plus CEM App, today announced “the general availability” of its Digital Retail Platform, a dealer-customizable online car-buying tool designed to help dealerships attract, engage, and close more online shoppers.

“Our goal is to have the consumer complete about 90% to 95% of the transaction at home online and to have a frictionless delivery experience when he or she arrives at the dealership,” said David Luce, TagRail’s vice president of sales.

Dealers can easily customize the tool’s sequence of activities based on a user-behavior analysis or dealer preference. The tool can perform trade-in appraisals using guides from Black Book, Kelley Blue Book, and NADA. It also offers an accessories sales tool that can be loaded with dynamic and colorful product options and description from a host of providers.

The platform also displays rebates to help shoppers apply incentives to the vehicle they selected, and offers a menu of dealer-selected, VIN-specific F&I protections. The system also allows users to perform soft credit pulls to calculate payments for finance and lease options, and can route credit applications into RouteOne’s and Dealertrack’s credit application platforms.

Company officials noted, however, that a showroom visit is required to finalize the trade appraisal and complete documents required for vehicle delivery.

 “This platform pulls shoppers forward through the sales funnel, so 70% will complete their transaction compared to 30% on other types of online digital platforms,” said TagRail CEO Kiran Karunakaran. “And we know that online purchases average $500 to $700 higher in gross than do walk-in transactions.”