SEOUL — Hyundai Motor has invested in AutoTalks, which specializes in the manufacturing of Vehicle to Everything (V2X) chipsets, as part of a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of the next generation chipset for connected cars.

V2X technology allows vehicles to communicate with one another, with other road users and road infrastructure, enhancing road safety and mobility. The main focus of any V2X solution is safety, according to the automaker. As a reliable non-line-of-sight sensor working in all environments and weather conditions, it helps prevent road collisions and avoid dangerous situations.

"Connectivity is one of the core technologies that can be applied to smart city business models, as well as autonomous driving and infotainment,” said Yunseong Hwang, director of open innovation business group at Hyundai Motor Co. “Hyundai will continue to invest in disruptive technologies that are in line with Hyundai’s current and future strategic pillars."

In manned vehicles, V2X systems convey important information to the driver in the form of alerts and notifications. They can also actuate the vehicle in dangerous situations. In autonomous vehicles, V2X complements existing sensors, allowing them to make more informed decisions as well as easing their interaction with other road users.

Prior to this week’s announcement, Autotalks had completed four funding rounds with a total of more than $80 million in investments. According to company officials, the new funding will fuel the company’s technology roadmap as well as support its global customers and partners,

“Having a top global car manufacturer such as Hyundai invest directly in Autotalks is not only a vote of confidence in the company but a testament to the growing V2X market,” said Autotalks CEO Hagai Zyss. “Hyundai’s pursuit of cutting-edge communication and safety technologies is a perfect match with Autotalks’ leading V2X capabilities."