SARASOTA, Fla. ― Cactus Sky Communications Inc., an email marketing agency, has added Direct eMail to its suite of eProducts. The new product provides businesses, including dealers, with access to 110 million opt-in email addresses for more targeted local marketing.

Through a partnership with AutoMatch, Cactus Sky has develop, a self-service email marketing portal, which allows companies to create an email campaign and deploy it with the click of a mouse. provides real-time results tracking. Clients are also provided a list of clickers so that they can develop a targeted proprietary prospect database.

"The site was designed so that people could easily create a marketing message utilizing one of's design templates, or they have the ability to upload and use their own creative," said Jim Alamia, president of AutoMatch, LLC.

According to a 2009 DMA Study, email generated a return of $43.62 for every dollar spent on this form of marketing in 2009. Combined with the fact that 78 percent of online shoppers have purchased through permission-based emails and 59 percent of email recipients have bought in a retail store as a result of an email, email marketing is one of the most powerful advertising mediums available today.

"In the current economy, most companies have pulled back on marketing and advertising, so we created a product that was very low cost, is easy to use, and has the ability to generate a high return on investment. With Direct eMail, we are able to provide a powerful alternative to traditional advertising," states Peter Martin, rresident of Cactus Sky Communications.