BURLINGTON, Vt. — Dealer.com, a provider of digital marketing and operational products and services, introduced a next-generation tool as part of its advertising product family. Unified Advertising Dashboard is designed to provide dealers with a holistic view of competitive market data, ad reach, analytics and multi-channel performance so dealers can more effectively manage their campaigns with their Dealer.com digital advisor, according to the company.

“Today’s dealers need to make sure that every dollar spent on advertising counts,” said Dave Winslow, chief digital strategist for Dealer.com. “The benefit of digital advertising is that you can measure it at multiple levels of detail, and make adjustments to it in real-time to ensure it continues to work incrementally.”

The Unified Advertising Dashboard incorporates three core features that allow for a high-level of transparency and flexibility, including market reach analysis, budget recommendations and results projection. By aggregating benchmark data and insights about paid search, display and Facebook advertising, dealers can adjust their marketing goals through an interactive navigation tool and see the forecasted impact on search, display and social campaigns and overall advertising spend.

With market reach analysis, the new advertising dashboard enables dealers to monitor the percentage of relevant digital advertising opportunities, with metrics for search, display and Facebook. Through provided analytics — from keywords and click-through rates to the size of their remarketing audience — dealers can identify which advertisements are providing the highest ROI and then get recommendations on how to gain additional exposure. 

The market reach feature helps ensure intention-based opportunities at the end of the funnel are realized across desktop and mobile. It also provides recommendations for retargeting and display to increase the likelihood that visitors of a dealer’s site come back. Additional opportunities can extend advertising to Facebook, a channel that makes sense for certain dealers as part of a holistic digital advertising strategy. Additionally, analysts provide expert review of changes to advertising channels to ensure maximum ROI is achieved.

Dealer.com’s Unified Advertising Dashboard is now available to retail advertisers nationwide. Like all Dealer.com advertising products, the Unified Advertising Dashboard is completely integrated with the company’s inventory, website and customer relationship management (CRM) products.