CHICAGO — Software provider MAX Digital announced a service partnership with Lotpop, offering participating dealers the opportunity to leverage MAX Digital’s inventory management product suite with the additional expert staffing and process guidance Lotpop designed to capture more gross and sell more cars.

“Everything we build is focused on delivering performance for our dealerships. Lotpop has the same total results focus,” said MAX Digital Executive Vice President Mike Cavanaugh. “Adding the dedicated experienced team that Lotpop provides to MAX tools simply creates a system that delivers undeniable results.”

MAX Digital provides a deep dataset for inventory management with millions of VINs analyzed daily, rich market data, and store-specific sales history to drive smart stocking decisions, according to the announcement.

“We’re proud of the exceptional value this partnership provides,” said Jasen Rice, owner of Lotpop. “MAX Digital has rock solid professional grade tools that help us drive meaningful unit sales growth for our clients with a better gross per vehicle at a surprisingly low cost.”

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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