OAK PARK, Ill. — Universal Lenders LLC, creators of the ZERO Plan and a 2018 Dealers’ Choice award winner, announced the implementation of Level D guidelines in an effort to offer reduced fees and an expanded refund term to the company’s largest retailers.

“As a result of industry consolidation creating even larger volume dealers and groups, we wanted to reward production with an industry best program,” said COO Phil Rosenberg. “The ZERO Plan is the only provider to apply guidelines and fees based upon production.”

Rosenberg noted Level A thru D guidelines are based upon the prior three-month average funding production. Each month, ZERO Plan analysts calculate the average production and assign a specific level to each dealership. Commonly owned dealers or groups pool their production to earn lower fees, rewarding higher-volume retailers.

“In today’s time of uncertainty, looming credit crunch and other factors, we feel our lower fees, up to 36-month installments and the ability to finance multiple products from different administrators on one installment agreement is game changing,” he added. “Now our largest dealers will enjoy even better terms.”

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