ORLANDO, Fla. — US Equity Advantage announced that its CRM administrator, Carl Moore, has earned his national service certification as a BPM Online Business Analyst, one of only 32 BAs in the U.S. and roughly 400 globally. Moore is responsible for synthesizing USEA’s business process management and customer relationship management functions using the company’s BPM Online platform.

BPM is a form of business intelligence that involves improving a company’s processes to better achieve corporate goals by analyzing and aggregating information such as revenue, return on investment, overhead and operational costs to align strategic and operational objectives. CRM uses data analysis from communication channels such as a corporate website, email, live chat and social media to learn more about a company’s target audiences and how to best cater to their needs.

USEA’s AutoPayPlus personal financial management tool was designed to help customers automate their bill payments, reduce debt and take greater control of their financial future. With a background in business analysis and working with complex data sets, Moore excels at using software applications in unconventional ways to accomplish USEA’s customer relationship management goals.

His management style represents a growing trend among technology professionals known as citizen developers who create departmental, enterprise and public applications for their companies using shared services, fourth-generation language (4GL)-style development platforms and cloud computing services, all according to the announcement.

“Carl plays a key role in delivering on USEA’s commitment to CRM best practices in support of our mission to leverage technology to reach a 100% customer satisfaction rate.” said Robert Steenbergh, CEO of US Equity Advantage. “Achieving his BPM Online certification validates Carl’s knowledge of development cycles, database workflows and process efficiencies that he brings to bear for the benefit of our company and our customers every day.”

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