CHICAGO — Noting that, without the right data, providing quick and accurate insurance quotes based on an applicant’s full risk profile can be challenging, DealerPolicy executives announced the integration of TransUnion’s DriverRisk into its current offerings.

The partnership will give DealerPolicy access to violation data that speeds up the process of generating quotes while increasing the accuracy of the quotes provided, according to Mark McElroy, executive vice president of TransUnion’s insurance business unit.

“Affordably prefilling violation details into an insurance application for consumer verification helps provide a more accurate insurance quote while improving the consumer experience,” McElroy said. “With today’s integration announcement, DealerPolicy can provide quotes based on a more complete view of a customer’s risk profile.”

DealerPolicy’s platform allows car buyers to review competitive auto insurance quotes and speak with a licensed insurance agent while at the dealership. Based on an internal analysis by DealerPolicy, users enjoy an average savings of $60 a month — money that can be put toward their new car in the form of upgrades or F&I products, executives said.

“As the insurance solution partner for automotive retailers, we are constantly innovating to provide faster, more convenient, and more integrated solutions,” said DealerPolicy CPO Mike Burgiss. “TransUnion’s DriverRisk product helps us make the process even faster while improving customer satisfaction. That’s a win for the customer and for the dealership.”

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