CHICAGO — Universal Lenders LLC announced the integration of its The ZERO Plan program with the entire suite of Darwin Automotive F&I and Digital Retailing software solutions.

Executives said the partnership will allow Darwin’s clients access to premium financing for all F&I products, including noncancelable products, while seamlessly and effortlessly econtracting the transaction. 

“The ZERO Plan and Darwin — what a perfect partnership!” said Jeff Jacobs, CEO of Universal Lenders LLC. “The ZERO Plan is the only installment plan that allows multiple F&I products from different providers to be premium financed on one installment agreement with one customer payment.  Our dealer-friendly program that funds the dealer in seven days, provides up to 36 installments, and reduces chargebacks by 50%. [It] fits perfectly with Darwin’s award-winning platform.”

“Many of our customers are extremely excited about the addition of The Zero Plan integration,” said Jeff Stafford, CMO of Darwin Automotive. “Our goal is to provide the most seamless experience for our dealerships, and integrations with best-in-class solutions such as The Zero Plan help accomplish this.”

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