ISELIN, N.J. –– Darwin Automotive announced the release of Darwin Online’s Fastlane. During the vehicle purchase or lease process consumers can now go into the Darwin application using any smart device, build out their deal and share the deal structure with anyone in the world at the click of a button.

"This is the type of service today’s consumers demand for the purchase process and our dealers and their customers love the speed and simplicity of it."

According to Vincent Mastria, Marketing Manager at Mastria Auto Group in Raynham, MA, Fastlane is what he envisioned for the future of digital retailing and his customers love it. It produced his favorite review of the year when one customer stated, “This dealership was really easy to work with and the best part of the process was the Fastlane software on their website. My deal was built out before even getting to the dealership which meant I didn’t have to be there for five hours negotiating and haggling. The team knew what I wanted and made it a seamless process. It’s like having the online flexibility of Carvana at your local dealership where you can and go see the car before you buy it.” 

Another customer stated, “Easiest experience at a dealership ever! I used their Fastlane option online, picked out my car, filled out all the info, chose the deal I wanted, uploaded pics of my trade and walked in to sign! So glad I did this!”

The Darwin Online process is swift and user-friendly. The shopper goes onto the dealer's website, selects a vehicle and then clicks on "Create my Deal." A short series of questions appear including how many miles per year the consumer will be driving, how long they plan to own the vehicle and credit score, and from there they can get a trade-in value or enter a manual trade-in value.

Next, the consumer is presented with five sets of options: an out the door price from a cash perspective; two financing options and two leasing options. They can either select to transact using one of the available options or customize it, such as by changing the down payment level.

The system then moves the customer onto aftermarket sales. Here they can select options such as maintenance, vehicle service contracts, tire & wheel – any of those value-add products for the customer. With Fastlane, at any point in the deal creation process, the consumer can share the deal with their significant other, a parent, or friend, anywhere in the world. Then, all they have to do is go into the dealership, test drive the vehicle, sign the paperwork, and they can drive away in about 15-30 minutes. 

"Our dealers and their customers are very excited about Fastlane," said Phillip Battista, CEO Darwin Automotive. “One of the main objections dealers have to handle in the car buying process is that the buyer needs to check out the deal with someone else. Fastlane connects consumers seamlessly with anyone in the world. With just one click they can share the deal with their husband, wife, father, friend -- you name it. They just point and click. This is the type of service today’s consumers demand for the purchase process and our dealers and their customers love the speed and simplicity of it,” Battista added

Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today

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