RINGWOOD, N.J. — Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC®), a  provider and administrator of F&I products and services, has introduced a Value Protect Option Contract to preserve the trade-in value of a vehicle should it be involved in an accident.

We think drivers who take care of their vehicles deserve to get the most money possible at trade-in.

Value Protect is an exclusive offering from DOWC, setting the administrator apart from other F&I providers. “With many of today’s vehicles becoming increasingly expensive, consumers were simply losing too much money at trade-in if there was an accident requiring repairs to the vehicle,” stated Michael LaMotta, founder of DOWC. “Value Protect helps drivers recapture some of that diminished value that insurance companies don’t cover.”

Many drivers are shocked to learn that vehicles involved in an accident can be worth up to 30% less at trade-in time. Even if the vehicle was properly repaired and the driver was not at fault for the accident, the potential loss in value is real and can be quite significant.

Value Protect protects consumers from an additional dent to their wallet at trade-in, following an accident. For example, if the trade-in value of a vehicle before an accident is $20k, it may only be $14k following an accident, even if the vehicle is fully repaired. Value Protect could preserve the original trade-in value by reimbursing up to $6k depending on the accident repair amount.

“We think drivers who take care of their vehicles deserve to get the most money possible at trade-in,” said LaMotta. The Value Protect Option Contract is just one of a full suite of customizable products available to DOWC partner dealers, and their customers. 

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