FLORIDA – Line 5, a Florida based indirect lender specializing in financing of vehicle service contracts (VSC), and ancillary F&I products begins offering up a new independent dealership program across the United States. This program is a unique and revolutionary idea from the company, financing all cancellable F & I, and ancillary products; they are the first to implement this type of program for dealers in the automotive, RV, marine and power sports industry. 

Line 5 is an excellent company, and I'm very grateful for the services they offer.

The new independent program allows dealerships to sign up and sell back end products without chargebacks. With only a small down payment, no fees charged to the dealer, up to 84 months financing terms, the new program is a win-win for the dealership. Line 5 offers every customer the opportunity to purchase F&I products such as a vehicle service contract (VSC) from dealers irrespective of their credit ratings, at a budget-friendly monthly payment. This makes the whole purchasing experience as smooth as possible, increasing the rate at which dealers can sell multiple protection plans. 

The program enables a dealership to sell a VSC and other products with no fee. Line 5 sends the cost of the product directly to the administrator. This assures the consumer has their products activated and ready for use, without the dealer paying out of his/her pocket to activate the products. The dealer receives his monthly profits as the customer’s payments comes in. 

The company has been privileged to work with finance managers to help finance their F&I products, here is what a business Manager said about his experience with them, "Line 5 is an excellent company, and I'm very grateful for the services they offer. They have the best terms for warranty." Michael P. 

The firm does all the heavy lifting, processes the deals fast and efficiently by utilizing e-rating, e-contracts (in partnership with F&I express and P.E.N), e-signature and e-funding. This helps eliminate any mistakes that might occur during the customer’s sign up process. In the case of cancellations, the administrator pays Line 5 back the pro-rata left on the contract, Line\5 handles all cancellation refunds and alerts the dealership as to when the profit payout with cease. 

This means all profits made using this program are fully earned by the dealership, with no chargebacks. Dealerships can rest assured that they do not have to worry about processing a cancellation, or budgeting for the refunds due back to the customer or lien holder. 

For more information about Line\5 and how to be part of their new independent dealership program visit www.line5.com. 

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