BLACK BOOK: Black Book recently published an update to their COVID-19 Market Updates, which includes:

  • Current Wholesale Prices & Price Trends, including Auction Insights & Sales Rates
  • Used Wholesale Price Trends & Projections, including a Near Luxury Cars Segment Highlight & Forecasted Economic Scenarios
  • A Look at the Retail Vertical, including Retail Prices & Dealer Insights
  • New Vehicle Sales Outlook, including Forecasted Economic Scenarios
  • Used Vehicle Supply Projections, including Lease & Rental Projections

After weeks of large week-over-week changes, the weekly change settled down to a typical level for this time of the year. Volume-weighted, overall car segment values decreased by -0.16% this past week, as compared to –0.41% the week before (–0.05% during the same week in 2019). Trucks and SUVs depreciated -0.62% during the past week, which is an improvement over the previous week of -0.76%. Overall, we saw the market depreciating -0.46% this week, compared to -0.63% the week before. 

You can view the full report here.

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