Elevates offerings from next generation web experiences and beyond. - IMAGE: Dealer.com

Elevates offerings from next generation web experiences and beyond.  

BURLINGTON, Vt. – Dealer.com unveils new innovations at the 2021 virtual NADA show to help dealerships inspire more successful conversations in more places, with its end-to-end digital marketing solution backed by extraordinary knowledge of the consumer. From Connected Video advertising and holistic reputation management to digital storefront experiences and digital retailing—Dealer.com leads with superior technology, thoughtful customer experiences, and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that helps drive sales.

Consumers have extremely high expectations when it comes to their shopping experience, and we’ve heard from many of our dealer groups that they want to offer a differentiated experience and start having more meaningful conversations with their customers.

Current market conditions demand an agile approach, and strategies misaligned with consumer expectations can lead to inefficient marketing spend and insufficient results. By bringing the best of the dealership to wherever consumers browse, shop, or buy online, dealerships can engage with shoppers on their terms, resulting in confidence and transparency during the process. With more customized, coordinated outreach across all digital touchpoints, dealerships can influence how quickly shoppers find the right vehicle and that connection leads to higher conversion. Dealer.com turns data into digital marketing that works, and powers personalized consumer experiences from anywhere.

“Consumers have extremely high expectations when it comes to their shopping experience, and we’ve heard from many of our dealer groups that they want to offer a differentiated experience and start having more meaningful conversations with their customers,” said Bob George, associate vice president of products for Dealer.com. “We are able to provide solutions to problems dealers don’t even know they have. We’re giving dealers the tools to create more of a dialogue with a continuous customer experience that starts with strong targeting and ends with a tailored, one-on-one experience.”

Dealer.com’s latest innovations include:

  • Connected Video advertising to reach in-market shoppers wherever they consume media: Dealer.com gives dealerships the power to deliver hyper-targeted video ads to consumers watching connected TV and over the top media. In the age of “cord-cutting” and internet TV, dealerships can target consumers streaming platforms and devices with as much precision as their other digital channels—with verifiable ROI that challenges traditional TV spend.
  • Redefining Digital Retailing functionality that meets dealer and user demands: Pave the path to purchase and help streamline customer interactions by eliminating back-and-forth both in-person and online. Dealer.com’s next-generation digital retailing experience provides a more seamless workflow for shoppers and dealers that reduces time spent in-store. Through guided navigation, the tool simplifies the sales process for both dealers and consumers, fosters consumer confidence, trust and transparency.
  • Reputation management tools to attract more customers and increase leads: Dealers should be taking full advantage of customer reviews to reinforce their dealership reputation and appeal to new shoppers. Review Generation uses a high-converting SMS-based review request system to engage customers while the transaction is still top of mind, to create a constant stream of reputation-based reviews that can improve sales and customer retention. Reviews are an increasingly influential factor among car buyers and dealerships need an efficient, easy way to solicit and manage these endorsements.
  • Gain visibility and interact more with shoppers through a more immersive digital storefront experience: The foundational redesign of the Dealer.com website platform over the past 24 months features a complete code rebuild, secure cloud-based hosting, along with data and shopper-guided site redesigns—all to inspire confidence and drive leads. New Innovations like free-text search with auto suggestions through the new SRP Experience gets in-market shoppers to the content they are looking for as quickly as possible, driving up the quality of conversion. Dealers can upgrade online “curb appeal” and engage shoppers at critical decision-making moments with new home and interior page design, while putting important offerings like Home Services front and center on the VDP to attract more shoppers interested in remote sales and service areas.

“The Dealer.com platform enables me to visualize the general goal of helping customers find what they need, where they need it, as quickly and hassle-free as possible,” Scott Shepherd, Internet Manager, eCommerce and Marketing Director for Classic Cadillac of Atlanta and Cadillac of Birmingham. “I always feel like progress is being made on my website, whether it is changes we’ve set into motion or new components, tools and formats that are being done by DDC, there is always forward thinking, positive change.”

Lead generating digital campaigns, combined with first-class customer service and digital marketing expertise, directly impact a dealer’s bottom line. To learn more about Dealer.com customized solutions The 2021 NADA Show will be held via a virtual experience February 9-11, 2021. To learn more about these new products and enhancements, visit Dealer.com at https://www.coxautoinc.com/experience/ddc.

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