End-to-end solution through Fortellis to help dealers improve payment experience and drive revenue. - IMAGE: CDKGlobal.com

End-to-end solution through Fortellis to help dealers improve payment experience and drive revenue.

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill. – CDK Global, Inc. (Nasdaq: CDK), a leading retail automotive technology company, today launched CDK OnePay, a dealership-wide payment solution fueled by Global Payments, a leading worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions. It is designed to help dealers create a frictionless customer experience with end-to-end seamless payment technologies and expanded payment options.

It is a true win-win for dealers and their customers.

CDK OnePay enables dealerships to request payments via text, email, or in person while allowing their customers the convenience to pay with credit, debit or digital wallets via mobile phone according to their preferences. The solution also enables dealerships to complete an integrated invoicing process from start to finish within the CDK Drive dealer management system (DMS), helping shorten customer wait times, reduce costly cashiering errors from data reentry, and streamlining end-of-day reconciliations.

“CDK OnePay is another example of how we’re driving innovation of the tools dealers use every day to improve efficiency and profitability in their operations,” said Joe Tautges, chief operating officer, CDK Global. “By partnering with a leader in the payments industry like Global Payments, we are significantly enhancing the payment experience at dealerships by streamlining dealer workflows through Fortellis integrations and providing more options like virtual payments and contactless terminals. It is a true win-win for dealers and their customers.”

“In a digital-forward world, and in a time when health and safety are top priorities, we’re seeing more customers ask for mobile payment capabilities and contactless alternatives,” says Drew Conkle, chief operating officer, Brondes Auto Group and CDK OnePay pilot program participant. “Meeting our customers’ payment needs and expectations with CDK OnePay helps ensure we’re providing the best possible experience at our dealership and increases the chances of getting their repeat business and additional revenue.”

CDK OnePay is offered to dealers with no upfront or recurring subscription fees from CDK.

“Technology has transformed payments in recent years, but many industry sectors are still catching up,” said Bob Cortopassi, president, Global Payments Integrated. “We believe it’s our responsibility to provide businesses and consumers with state-of-the-art payment technologies and commerce-enablement solutions. By tightly integrating with CDK products, we have delivered a truly integrated commerce platform that brings more payment flexibility to automotive retailers and pushes them to the leading edge of payments.”

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