Financing option makes unexpected repairs more affordable. - IMAGE: Solera

Financing option makes unexpected repairs more affordable.

WESTLAKE, Texas – Solera Holdings, LLC, a global leader in vehicle lifecycle management, announced a strategic partnership with DigniFi, a leading FinTech platform for the automotive industry.

Solera will offer access to DigniFi financing options, funded by WebBank, to consumers seeking payment solutions for a range of vehicle repairs made by auto repair and body shops as well as dealers. Solera is offering the DigniFi solution through several of its platforms and expects to make DigniFi financing options available across three of its operating pillars – Vehicle Claims, Vehicle Repairs, and Vehicle Solutions. Solera dealerships, auto repair facilities, and body shops can enroll for DigniFi financing options by emailing [email protected].

“Adding this offering is a win for Solera’s customers and car owners because DigniFi provides access to a much-needed financing choice for the millions of people not able to pay for an unexpected repair, insurance deductible, or bodywork without assistance,” said Alberto Cairo, Solera Managing Director of Vehicle & Fleet Solutions.

DigniFi solutions can provide access to financing for almost any vehicle-related expense, including mechanical repairs, preventive maintenance, bodywork, insurance deductibles, vehicle service contracts, accessories, tires, and prepaid maintenance packages. Drivers can receive financing from $350 to $7,500 to pay for vehicle-related expenses. To apply, consumers complete a simple, four-step process and receive an answer in minutes.

“It’s a real thrill to collaborate with like-minded, industry-leading partners, like Solera, who share our commitment to supporting main street and hardworking people across the country. I’m convinced that together, we can build a world where inclusive, accessible funding for the needs and aspirations of daily life is the norm,” said Neeraj Mehta, CEO, DigniFi. “At DigniFi, we strive to spark opportunity for small businesses and to delight their consumers through access to visionary, inclusive financing.”

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