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Done Deal

F&I and Showroom editors go beyond the headlines to uncover new stories and emerging trends in the world of automotive retail and finance.

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Tesla and the 1% Problem

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk said “Good luck with that” when asked whether he feared further legal...

For all its missteps, Tesla Inc. finally found its footing in 2018, eking out a 1.2% market share and renewing concerns shared by established manufacturers and brick-and-mortar dealers.

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No Way Is the Way

“No way is the way” and “Be like water, able to adapt to any situation” are the central tenets...

Rehashing deals at the desk is a losing proposition for the business office, the dealership, and its customers. One expert says dealers and managers must act now or be forced to watch the art of F&I dwindle into obscurity.

Blog Post

Get Out of My Store

Dealers are pushing back against factory-mandated brick-and-mortar renovations that may not be...

Dealers have become increasingly vocal and organized in resistance to expensive and onerous factory-mandated facility upgrades.

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The Condemnation Was Swift

Simi Valley (Calif.) Ford faced heavy criticism after a November email promotion promised...

California’s Simi Valley Ford drew international scorn for an email promising ‘smoking hot deals’ in the midst of a deadly and destructive wildfire.

Blog Post

It's Just Time

The editor says goodbye to the magazine that introduced him to the amazing world of F&I and the automotive retail industry at large.

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Red Flags Alert

The editor believes recent regulatory activity should serve as a warning to dealers who haven’t dusted off their Red Flags compliance programs in the years since the rule took effect.

Blog Post

GAP Suffers Another Setback

The editor reveals the truth behind an NPR report critical of the industry’s efforts to undo the Military Lending Act guidance that put the brakes on GAP sales.

Blog Post

Car Buyers Need F&I

Current market trends are playing right into the F&I product pitch, but they also reveal trouble ahead for the automotive retail industry at large.

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