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Done Deal

F&I and Showroom editors go beyond the headlines to uncover new stories and emerging trends in the world of automotive retail and finance.

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Is Sales Punching a Crime?

Can participating dealers be implicated if sales punching results in a fraud investigation?

BMW is the latest manufacturer to be accused of falsifying new vehicle sales reports, a practice that has led to lawsuits and investigations. Are dealers conspirators or victims?

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EVs Cost Even More Than You Think

McKinsey analysts say the cost to build a mass-market electric vehicle is about $12,000 higher...

Mergers and alliances among factories are proliferating as the demand for mass-market electric vehicles increases and the cost to build them makes profitability impossible.

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When Dealers Catch Criminals

Upgraded security cameras intended to document exterior damage on vehicles entering the service...

Noncompliant and outright illegal behavior by dealers, managers, and staff have generated headlines throughout the year. Less heralded are the instances in which dealership personnel took action that led to arrests.

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Are We Not Capitalists?

Do franchise dealer laws run counter to the spirit of a free market economy?

Opponents of franchise laws claim they hang on flawed logic, discourage competition, and benefit dealers to the detriment of consumers.

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Will Data Put an End to Powerbooking?

New technology and growing demand for accurate valuation from multiple segments could mean...

A new-to-market, data-driven solution has reignited the discussion over intentional vehicle overvaluation, a form of bank fraud that remains prevalent despite a string of dealer lawsuits and regulatory actions.

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How to Sell GAP in a Crisis

Severe weather, including the widespread flooding in Houston in April of 2016, has contributed...

Mounting losses have compelled many underwriters to jump ship on guaranteed asset protection, but it remains a cornerstone product that continues to perform for customers, dealers, and F&I managers.

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F&I Is Stronger Than Ever

U.S. and Canadian F&I professionals continue to perform at a high level despite industry...

Fears that F&I would fall victim to advancing technology and bad press appear unfounded as the segment continues to perform for dealers and car buyers.

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Tesla and the 1% Problem

Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk said “Good luck with that” when asked whether he feared further legal...

For all its missteps, Tesla Inc. finally found its footing in 2018, eking out a 1.2% market share and renewing concerns shared by established manufacturers and brick-and-mortar dealers.