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F&I Matters

Veteran F&I and compliance director Lori Church has the insights and advice you need to face any challenge and maximize your production.

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F&I Should Be Grand Sumo Yokozunas

Yokozuna wrestle last, drawing the biggest crowds and guaranteeing the evening ends on a high...

The champions of the sumo world can handle any type of opponent, win more bouts than they lose, and enjoy a level of respect and privilege that only top producers can ever hope to earn.

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F&I Is All About Attitude

Maintaining a sense of purposeful optimism helps top performers reduce idle time and focus on...

Whether you’re starting your day, ending your day, or powering through a tough deal, a willing attitude is the fastest and most productive way to accomplish it.

Blog Post

Make Every Minute Count in F&I

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, ask if it’s from Peking. You could be in for a...

F&I director offers four tips you can use to start your day with a bang and maintain a level of urgency that will fuel your presentations and make your time between customers more productive.