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Peak Performance

Rick McCormick pushes F&I professionals to the heights of success with a focus on training, compliance, and customer service.

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Blog Post

Why the Why of F&I Matters: Part 1

The author believes finding your “why” helps F&I professionals tap into the long-term,...

You have enough training and talent to make a living in F&I, but your PVR won’t budge. Get to the next level by asking why you do this work and how your success or failure affects your customers’ lives.

Blog Post

The Empty F&I Office

Downtime doesn’t have to be wasted time. Peak F&I performers spend time in the showroom, in the...

Looking to kill some downtime? Top trainer urges F&I pros to hit the show floor, consult with service staff, and take care of your ‘other’ customers — including the ones you see every day.