CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- DealerLink, provider car sales leads, recently launched its newest product, Guaranteed Credit Scored Leads.

This exciting and innovative new product is offered to dealers as two programs, Gold and Platinum. The Gold Program provides leads with guaranteed credit scores between 530 and 599, while the Platinum Program offers leads with guaranteed scores between 600 and 850.

The division into two distinct programs allows dealers to choose which product tier best fits their needs, or they can opt to take advantage of both programs in their stores.

In addition to the guaranteed credit scores, both the Gold and Platinum Programs guarantee that each lead will have a minimum income of $2,000, no open bankruptcies and no repossessions within the last 12 months. Without even pulling a customer's credit, dealers can be assured their leads will meet the minimum requirements of the majority of finance sources.

"This is a product that dealers have been asking for, for a very long time," said DealerLink's president and CEO, Tim Parker. "Special finance departments in the last year have really been struggling because of all the lender cutbacks and tightening up of criteria. That's why we feel this is the perfect product at the perfect time."

Early response to the product's launch has been overwhelming, said the company. As with DealerLink's other products, dealers will receive free and unlimited access to DealerLink's online lead management system. There are no start-up fees or long-term contracts, and as always, DealerLink guarantees 100 percent exclusive subprime leads, backed by a published invalid lead policy unprecedented among third-party lead providers. Leads are organically generated using a network of more than 500 consumer Web sites.