SAUSALITO, Calif. — ChannelNet, a provider of multichannel solutions for the automotive and financial services industries, today announced that VW Credit has expanded the use of Personalized Websites to include all of the customers in its lease portfolio.

First launched in mid-2008, VW Credit's Personalized Websites were made available to customers that had one year left on their lease. The initial objective was to ensure that the most complicated part of the leasing process, end of term, was made easier and more convenient for customers using the Web.

Once a VW or Audi customer has concluded their VW leasing transaction at the dealership, they are automatically provided their own Personalized Website. In addition to deploying for the entire lease term, VW Credit can keep the Personalized Website active for up to eighteen months after lease end.

VW Credit realized that most customers that buy their vehicle will trade out to a different vehicle within 12-18 months after lease end. Keeping the Personalized Website open allows VW Credit to market to the VW owner after their lease is terminated. "Vehicle leasing customers need different types of content and information at different points in their vehicle ownership lifecycle," according to Paula Tompkins, CEO and founder of ChannelNet. "We are delighted that VW Credit has expanded the use of the program across their entire portfolio of lease customers."

The VW and Audi Financial Personalized Website solution leverages ChannelNet's SiteBuilder technology, which includes the Website Administration Tool. With this tool, a non-technical VW Credit business representative can make real-time updates to the content, promotions and information a customer receives based upon over 50 types of customer criteria. This enables VW Credit to deliver personalized content that is highly relevant to the customer's needs, at a specific point in time.

"Today over 85 percent of new- and used-vehicle shoppers research online before making their purchase in a dealership," said Tompkins. "Most of the Web activity to date in the automotive industry has been directed toward the new or used vehicle sale. VW Credit recognizes that the use of the Web, and online tools, is even more important and relevant to customers after they have concluded their financing transaction and drive off the lot."