PHOENIX — Team One Research and Training launched a new program that allows F&I agents and product providers to offer their dealers customized F&I training and support without additional expenses or the cost of extra personnel.

The program does not require a long-term commitment and has a monthly fee of $1,000, which includes free, quarterly F&I training seminars, customized training for the agency’s products, and Team One’s online training for all of the agency’s clients at no additional fee.

The training will develop expertise in the agency’s F&I menu, or supply the Team One Package Option Menu and Excel based software at no additional charge.

The program also provides all agency clients access to Team One’s toll-free hotline that F&I managers and dealers can use for F&I training questions, help, and assistance.

“Dealers expect product providers to provide the best training available as part of their service. However, the cost of a full-time training specialist is hard to justify,” said Team One Spokesman George Angus. “This program provides the agencies and F&I product providers the best training we know how to provide and frees up agents to do what they want to be doing, bringing on new business.”

George Angus will be personally selecting the agencies for this service. He can be reached at 800-928-1923 ext. 10 or e-mail him at [email protected] for questions or details.