OAKLAND, Calif. — Centrro Inc., a vertical search engine that helps consumers find personal financial products, announced Wednesday the acquisition of BarNone Inc., a provider of credit-based lead generation solutions to dealers.

Centrro acquired BarNone from First Advantage Corporation, a provider of innovative risk mitigation solutions. Terms of the acquisition, which was finalized August 21, were not disclosed.

"Auto loans are a key component of our offerings at KnowBeforeYouApply.com," said Ike Eze, president and CEO of Centrro. "As we looked at building out this vertical, we recognized that auto dealers would be an important strategic component. The acquisition of BarNone, along with its recognizable brand and strong dealer network, allows Centrro to further expand our presence in the automotive market."

Like other auto-related lead generation companies, BarNone has been affected by the economic downturn. Centrro, already an online marketer of credit card and mortgage products, will be leveraging their proven experience along with the acquisition to position BarNone as a brand market leader in the automotive marketing space.

"Through Centrro, we're pleased to continue working with BarNone and supporting the BarNone dealer network," said Eric Rumsey, former president of BarNone and current president of First Advantage CREDCO. "Under the new arrangement, First Advantage CREDCO will continue to provide CREDCO credit reports and other consumer information solutions to participating BarNone dealers."