LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. — DealerTrack Inc., a provider of on-demand software and data solutions, added red flags reporting to its DealerTrack Compliance Solution to help dealers better track their identity theft prevention programs and to more effectively monitor dealership activity.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s Red Flags Rule stipulates that dealers need to verify the identity of each customer and be prepared to document their compliance with the rule. For each covered transaction, documenting red flags raised and how they are addressed can help demonstrate a consistent application of red flags policy. In addition, dealers must regularly monitor their red flags activity so they can update identity theft prevention programs accordingly.

Using DealerTrack’s red flags reporting, dealers can do both, since the solution enables them to create a range of reports, including:

- An electronic customer investigation report for users to document every red flag that is found, electronically or manually, on each deal.

- A monthly summary of all red flags activity – average identity scores, reason codes, user statistics and more.

- A rolling 12-month summary to help dealers identify trends in activity and evaluate possible updates to their programs.

The new capabilities allow a dealer to assess how each of their employees is verifying and validating customers’ identification on all deals. These extensive reports are an important tool to not only spot trends in which red flags are being triggered and how they are being resolved, but also to help determine whether training programs should be changed to make sure employees and the dealership remain in compliance.

“DealerTrack is the only provider in the industry offering such a comprehensive suite of compliance tools,” said Raj Sundaram, senior vice president, solution and services group at DealerTrack. “This new reporting functionality takes dealers beyond just identifying red flags – it gives them an audit trail to prove they’re in compliance.”

“DealerTrack’s Red Flags Reporting will help us manage our identity theft prevention program more systematically,” said David Dillon, president and general manager of First Team Auto Mall in Roanoke, Va. “The new reports will not only make it easier to document our red flags activity, but also to analyze and update the program as needed.”

The FTC is scheduled to begin enforcement of the Red Flags Rule on Nov. 1, 2009. All subscribers of the DealerTrack Compliance Solution are receiving this reporting upgrade with no additional charge.