SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Automotive Lease Guide (ALG), a subsidiary of DealerTrack Holdings Inc., added monthly residual value updates to its Residual Risk Analysis tool, which is used by vehicle lessors to analyze their automotive lease portfolio risk.

The short-term monthly residual values will be based on the most recent auction data in order to better reflect the latest market fluctuations. This should provide greater residual value accuracy for vehicles that are approaching lease maturity, thereby providing a better value estimate for any lease term. The enhancement is particularly timely in view of the unprecedented volatility in the used vehicle market over the last two years.

“When vehicle markets are moving up and down as rapidly as they have been, our clients need timely and accurate residual information so they know what to expect as leases reach maturity,” said Matt Traylen, senior director at ALG. “This enhancement to our Residual Risk Analysis tool gives them further insight into the next 18 months so they can intelligently and thoroughly analyze their auto lease investments and better manage their portfolios.”